Basic Skills Clinics

The Tahoe-Truckee area is the ideal location to be introduced to the fascinating sport of fly fishing. Fly-angling offers the perfect opportunity to "gear-down" from the abundance of "high-rev" activities at this world renown recreational region.

The 2-Day Basic Skills Clinics* provide the necessary basic skills of fly fishing so that you can further pursue the sport at your leisure. The group is small (3 maximum) to assure my personal attention and guidance. The ratio of "Classroom" lecture is non-existent; emphasis is "hands on" demonstration and participation. Safe wading techniques, casting into the wind, and "reading water" simply have to be experienced in actual fishing situations.

Private groups, of more than three can be arranged; ideal for business, family or affinity groups. These clinics are tailored to your specific desires and time schedule & the ratio of 3-1 attendees-instructor is maintained.

The foundations of the sport are fully presented. Thereafter, you make it as simple or sophisticated as you wish. Fly-fishers increase the probability of success IF they are aware of the interacting variables. Some of the factors are: water temperature, clarity, and flow; climatic conditions; insect activity and the corresponding trout behavior; selection of the fly and its proper presentation vero beach fishing charters by Fish.Travel. The variables have to be synthesized for optimum results. When you put it all together it is very gratifying. YOU MAY GET HOOKED! As Paul McHugh, "Outdoor" feature writer for the San Francisco Chronicle said to me, "So...the software is between your ears."

Demystify fly fishing! We love the sport and enjoy sharing the experience with others. Join us in the Sierra.

*The primary objective of the basic skills clinics is learning in a very relaxed atmosphere. Encountering a wild mountain trout would be an absolute bonus. The "catch and release" ethic and use of barbless hooks will be emphasized.

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