Milton Lake

If you have the option, do not miss this gem! Just being at this pretty little 12 acre mountain lake is worth the 45 minute drive north of Truckee. For that matter, the drive alone, with its vistas of Sierra peaks and vast meadows with meadering streams, makes your time well-spent.

The regulations installed in the early '80's were intended as the California's Department of Fish & Games' first attempt at natural, biological "pest control." This tailwater fishery below Jackson Meadows Resovoir had a history of out-sized 5-10 pound browns read it, and essentialy was bare of any other size of trout. They were few and far between; being the ultimate survivors of the lake's predacious brown bullhead population. Every few years the water was poisoned to eradicate the trash fish; DF&G funding-wise it proved costly for the few "big fish hunters" who frequented Milton for the wall-mounts. Hence, the rational for the maximum 12", artificials only, two kill limit. Protect the larger fish so that they are more numerous and able to cotrol the bullheads. To date its has worked, although the monsters are gone, but there is a high proportion of the rainbow and brown fishery in the 16"-21" range to make it an exciting and challenging ( read: most of the time tough!). Nevertheless, when everything is working and the selective fish are cooperating one can have a memorable experience.

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