Truckee Guide Network

Over the last few years, three of us, John Roberts, Brian Slusser & Frank R. Pisciotta have been confident in referring a repeat or new client to each other when either of us was booked.  It has worked wonderfully & there have been many satisfied flyangling clients.  In 2002 we decided to pool this amiable, competitive camaraderie into a more formal association which will ultimately benefit the flyfishing public...for the good.

Consider us the  most  personable, competent independent flyfishing guides in the Lake Tahoe area...north or south.  We are full-time Truckee residents & veteran guides (....way beyond OJTing with unsuspecting clients!) who are an integral part of & connected to a reliable, local info "network";  indicating where flyanglers will have the  best probability of success.  We know...whether it be moving or stillwaters.  Additionally, we have the requiste communication, people & teaching skills to introduce the complete novice to the basic skills of flyfishing.  Although we possess diverse temperments; the common denominator that binds us is our mutual passion for flyfishing & thrill of sharing its pleasures with others.

Most of all, we do not take ourselves too seriously, avoid being high-profile, self-promoters & prefer not losing sight of what this sport is about...HAVING FUN! & being intune with the outdoors.

So...if you're looking for a satisfying flyfishing experience in or around our hometown of Truckee, give us a will not regret your decision.

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