Thanks to Those of You Who Responded to the Plea at the End of this Page:
The regulations listed below are now a reality!! From the Boca Inlet all the way upstream to the bottom of Stampede Dam - Enjoy!

(The following  is a letter I had intended to send to California FlyFishers, but inadvertently did not:)

Your October, 99, News Casts noted the proposal for special regulations on the Little Truckee River, the beautiful, 4 miles tailwater fishery between Boca and Stampede. Reservoirs. You did mention Ralph Cutter's effect in this long overdue regulation change; rightfully so, because it is well deserved. Most recently, he hand carried 150 letters of support to the October 8 meeting of the Fish & Game Commission in Redding. Both he and Lisa have been quietly laying a solid foundation for years. Unfortunately fish travel presents cancun charter fishing, I feel you have overlooked a significant, final, driving force in the proposal:  Rob and Cindy Legget of the Granite Bay Fly Fishers. Also, special thanks to   Rob Ferrigiarro, Conservation Chair of the Northern California Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers, Nick Di Croce of Cal Trout, and the silent leadership of Dan McDaniel, President NCCFFF.

Although knowledgeable flyfishers had discussed the necessity to protect and enhance this fishery, via special regs to protect this highly utilized resource for years, it was Rod & Cindy who 'took the bull by the horns'. They actively pursued the proposal, volunteering many hours of work necessary to bring the idea into reality, did the legwork at the administrative level and sought the support necessary to make the proposed regulation change viable.  They brought their proposal to the NCCFFF, the organizational lead group in this matter, for endorsement. The council accepted and directed the change along with several others to the Fish & Game Commission. While the support of other members of the angling community is invaluable, if the change occurs it will be partially due to the hard work and follow-through of Rod & Cindy. I feel they should be acknowledged and given credit for their contribution´┐ŻCurrent and future generations of flyanglers will be thankful.

Frank R. Pisciotta
Truckee California

The Final Plea that was Posted

Please inform the Fish & Game Commission via E-mail & hardcopy that you support the regulation changes for the Little Truckee River below Stampede Dam.  The final meeting of the Commission to determine changes for the Millenium season is December 3rd 1999 in it is urgent that you act now.

The proposed changes recommended by Fish & Game biologists are:

          1---Barbless Artificials ONLY
          2---MAXium 14"
          3---Limit 2

The potential for a  "blue-ribbon", Wild Trout  fishery is tremendous with these regs!!!

Send your letters to:     Robert Treanor
                                     California Fish & Game Commission
                                     1416 Ninth Street
                                      PO Box 944209
                                      Sacramento, CA 94244-2090

Send e-mails to:

Whether letter or e-mail, -  send me a copy & I'll send you a "secret" fly to fish the Baetis hatch.

Thanks to the Northern California Federation of FlyFishers & Cal Trout for the organizational support....indivdiuals who have been extremely active have been Lisa & Ralph Cutter & Cindy & Rod Leggett of the Granite Bay FlyFishers

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