I've been pilloried, reprimanded etc. by my wife, neighbors, clients & dedicated followers of the original TRUCKEE FLYANGLING UPDATE for not being timely enough.  Well, I'm going to whine a bit. Being a full-time guide and conducting a small flyfishing school entails a tremendous amount of energy & it can be a bit difficult to dispense with the creative prose & concise info relative to hatches, flies, fish landed, techniques, holding lies & water types...aspects for which this report is known. It is a balancing act & you have suggested you prefer the UPDATE on a regimented & predictable basis.

Well...I feel I'm providing a fun reading experience for those who share our mutual passion.  Some of you have graciously e-mailed & indicated that the UPDATE provides no pretense isla mujeres fishing charter look at Fish.Travel, solid information to the angling community (....not to mention that I'm not getting paid for it!).  No doubt, there is a  down-side for my erratic reports;  after you click several times without new info, you delete my web page as a "Favorite". Geez, I don't want that to happen, because I do enjoy the personal e-mail interaction, bantering & reports that I receive from you AND I want to keep you happy so that you return to my site.

 SO, I'm  suggesting two things:  you accept my erratic timing (...although I'll try to improve!) OR register via e-mail to (there's no charge, the list is for my use only & it will not be resold).  Your choice.  Those who register will receive the UPDATE before it is cast into'll get it when it's fresh, prior to others.  There is also the possiblity of special purchases that I'll pass along; you save a buck, I make a buck...everyone is happy & I have more of an incentive to be more timely with my UPDATE.

The "fee" for  list inclusion is answering the following questions: The answers are for my use only & will not be resold.  I want to get a perspective of my readers.

1.  # of years fly fishing
2.  # of days per year
3.  % of time fly fishing for trout?
4.  Your favorite/most frequented area and/or specific water?
5.  Where do you live?
The benefits of being on the list are that:

                                  * You'll be sent the UPDATE prior to it being launched for the general
                                      internet get it first

                                  * Registrants exclusively get a CyberFlash!! .. a short note as it pertains to an
                                      important note on local flyfishing conditions

                                  * You may get "such a deal" on some flyfishing goods

The pre-launch list is for INDIVIDUALS permission is granted to commercial interests such as fly shops, paid subscriptions, guides or printing for distribution in flyfishing club newsletters.  Special arrangements can  be made for the aforementioned; all I ask is to have the courtesy to contact me first ('d be surprised how many people don't!) & we can go from there.

Please contact me about any questions you have about this area.  Given the opportunity, I will respond.  I love to discourse on Fly Fishing - it is my passion!

Tight Lines,
Frank R. Pisciotta

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